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Dark Dice

1h 30m RPG, Horror, Actual Play 2023

Dark Dice is a horror actual-play D&D podcast that uses immersive soundscapes to create an added layer of immersion.

You have found yourself among those who roll the Dark Dice. These events happened long ago; stories brought back from the edge of oblivion, dutifully transcribed, and enhanced aurally to better captivate your attention.

Our tales are harrowing and collaborative ones, set within a world of Dungeons and Dragons. However, dissimilar to most stories of its kind, our protagonists are not fantastic heroes of legend; they do not understand what lays on the path of their fate, and they do not overcome all odds.

Fear the strangers in your midst. Never play games with fate.

Founded by Kaitlin Statz and Travis Vengroff, Fool & Scholar Productions is one of the top independent creative content companies in the fiction podcasting medium. Its award-winning series and shows have garnered over 25 million downloads, and made significant contributions to charitable organizations through awareness and fundraising campaigns. Fool & Scholar Productions releases over an hour and a half of original content each month. Statz and Vengroff are also respected educators and storytellers in the podcast space having served as mentors and speakers at industry festivals, lectures, panels and workshops worldwide. Fool & Scholar Productions is supported by listeners via Patreon. Learn more at


Jeff Goldblum (Cast) , Peter Joseph Lewis (Cast) , Russ D. More (Cast) , Holly Billinghurst (Cast) , Sean Howard (Cast) , Hem Cleveland (Cast) , Eyþór Viðarsson (Cast) , David Ault (Cast) , Kessir Riliniki (Cast) , Kaitlin Statz (Cast)

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Travis Vengroff


Steven Melin


David Wise


Ryan McQuinn