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Don't Mind Cruxmont

35m Adventure, Drama, Thriller 2023

After his brother goes missing on a hiking trip, Neal mustsearch for his brother at his last known location: Cruxmont, England.

After his brother goes missing on a UK hiking trip, American Neal Mitchell must leave his comfort zone to search for his brother at his last known location: Cruxmont, England. While there, Neal meets Dr. Gwen Kingston (voiced by Adjoa Andoh – Bridgerton, The Witcher), a neurologist with her own goal in mind; finding the source of an unrecognizable miracle drug traced back to the village of Cruxmont. Something strange and possibly dangerous is happening and it’s a race against time to find out what secrets Cruxmont is hiding.

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K.A. Statz


Brandon Boone

Production Designer

Travis Vengroff

Sound Designer

Travis Vengroff

VFX Team

Travis Vengroff


Kaitlin Statz