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End of the Cornfield

30m Drama, Mystery 2023

A murder mystery where former high school classmates reunite for a softball tournament. It doesn't take long before somebody winds up dead.

End of the Cornfield is a 9-episode murder mystery series centering around six former high school classmates who reunite for a hometown softball alumni tournament. When six head to the cornfield on Miller Road - their favorite high school spot for a night of drinking and catching up - it doesn’t take long before someone winds up… dead. With no clear motive and no one stepping forward, the five remaining classmates are thrown into a clusterfuck investigation among themselves.


Janet Admasu (GIA) , Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut (BRITT) , Thony Mena (LUCA) , Abbey Monnin (CASSIE) , Shawn Parikh (MATT)


Abbey Monnin


Trevor Algatt

Diversity Consultant

Isaac Gomez

sound designer

Joseff Harris

Main Title Theme Music

Andrew Scott Bell

audio engineer

Gerardo Serrano

Cover Art Designer

Amelia Wiygul

Casting Director

Zelda Kimble

Casting Director

Abbey Monnin

Location Sound Recordist

Spencer Channell

Location Sound Recordist

Chanse McDuffie

Location Sound Recordist

Logan Solana


Abbey Monnin