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Table Read Podcast

30m Comedy, Drama 2023

A hysterical irreverent comedy! "SHALLOW HAL" meets "13 GOING ON 30"... with a generous, dusting of "SUPERBAD." You'll laugh out loud!

LITTLE MAN: A hysterical irreverent comedy! “SHALLOW HAL” meets “13 GOING ON 30”… with a generous, dusting of “SUPERBAD.” Our all-star cast absolutely destroys this script… guaranteed. You’ll laugh out loud!

Imagine a world where karma is a magic blue popsicle. LITTLE MAN is a comedy about a foul-mouthed loser who gets an unwanted “do-over” as an 8 year-old. But to turn back into a grown-up, this little d-bag has 10 days to become a decent human being or he’ll stay a kid forever. It’s hard to be good when you’ve been bad for so long. Time’s running out. Tick tock!

Act 1: Act One Doug’s life is a mess until a popsicle from a strange ice cream man turns him into an eight-year-old. To reverse the curse, he has to become a decent human being in just 10 days. But with time running out, can he save himself and become an adult again? The clock is ticking and the stakes are high!

CAST & CREW: Tim Friedlander: Narrator - Brian Thomas Smith: Doug - Bowie Bundlie: Little Doug - Reuben Uy: Ethan - Anthea Neri Best: Francine - Jillian Clare: Julia - Petri Byrd: Carl - Chhaya Néné: Priya - Matt Curtin: Tyler - Ruben Ray: Ashford - Savannah Beattie: Natalie -

PRODUCERS / DIRECTORS: Jack Levy - Mark Knell - Shaan Sharma -

WRITER: Charmaine Colina -

SOUND: Recording Engineer: Eric Milos - Mix Engineer: Torrel Alexis - Sound Design & Music: Jack Levy -

Management: Jon Brown - Ensemble Entertainment


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Tim Friedlander (Narrator) , Brian Thomas Smith (Doug) , Bowie Bundlie (Little Doug) , Reuben Uy (Ethan) , Anthea Neri Best (Francine) , Jillian Clare (Julia) , Petri Byrd (Carl) , Chhaya Néné (Priya) , Matt Curtin (Tyler) , Ruben Ray (Ashford) , Savannah Beattie (Natalie)

Producer / Director

Jack Levy

Producer / Director

Mark Knell

Producer / Director

Shaan Sharma

Mix Engineer

Torrel Alexis

Recording Engineer

Eric Milos

Sound Design & Music

Jack Levy


Jon Brown